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2018-06-27 14:24

Seasonal Events

Events Marking Annual Traditional Holidays

*The schedule of the events is subject to change due to weather conditions and internal reasons.


Map: http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr/multi/english/images/guide/map/koreanfolk_map_en201805.pdf

Korea Folk Village

Address: 90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel: 031-288-000
Homepage: http://www.koreanfolk.co.kr/multi/english/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPFW4r1nmTdtQUsAJSno1iA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koreanfolkvillage
Season Weekdays Weekend
Feb. ~ Apr. 09:30 ~ 18:00 09:30 ~ 18:30
May. ~ Sep. 09:30 ~ 18:30 09:30 ~ 19:00
Oct. 09:30 ~ 18:00 09:30 ~ 18:30
Nov. ~ Jan. 09:30 ~ 17:30 09:30 ~ 18:00
*Korea Folk Village provides flexible open hours by season and weather.
*Play facilities may be used 30 minutes into the open hours.
*Access to play facilities may be restricted by user height.

Visitor Admission Free pass
Adult Individual 18,000 won 27,000 won
Group 15,000 won 21,000 won
Adolescent Individual 15,000 won 22,000 won
Group 13,000 won 19,000 won
Child Individual 13,000 won 20,000 won
Group 11,000 won 17,000 won
*Minimum 20 persons are required to be eligible for group rate.
*Free pass is available no later than 2 p.m.
*With an hour or less remaining to the closing hour, all visitors are eligible to group rate.
*Museum and art museum can be closed, while the open period for the sled slope varies with seasons.
*Some experience programs are paid.

<Audio Guide>
*Listen to the audio material making it easy to understand Korean Folk Village in 5 kinds o language version. (Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese) This allows you to see the traditional houses, events, and so forth in detail.
*If you submit your own identification card, you can rent it. 2,000 won is required as a rental fee.
*It can be rented in the information desk of infirmary located in Market Village of Korean Folk Village.

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