[Gochang] Sangha Farm

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2018-06-22 15:26

Gochang Sangha Farm

Address: 11-23, Sanghanongwon-gil, Sangha-myeon, Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, Republic of Korea
Time: Everyday 09:30-18:00(Farmer's village and restaurant 09:30-21:00)
Admission fee
Ticket Experiential ticket Package
Individual    Child 5,000won
Adult 8,000won
Making sausages 30,000won
Baking milk bread 30,000won
(2 people)
Ticket+Sausages 36,000won
Ticket+Milk bread 36,000won
(Entrance & Experience/2 people)
Group(more than 20 people)    Child 4,500won
Adult 7,200won
15,000won -> 13,500won
(per 1 person/more than 20 people)
15,000won -> 12,000won
(per 1 person/more than 40 people)
18,000won -> 16,500won
(per 1 person/more than 20 people)
18,000won -> 15,000won
(per 1 person/more than 40 people)
Family 30,000won(2 people)
45,000won(3 people)
57,000won(4 people)
36,000won(2 people)
54,000won(3 people)
69,000won(4 people)
*Child : 48 months old~19 years old
*Feeding calves: 12:30/ 15:30 Free
*Feeding Sheep: 11:30/14:00 Free

Homepage: http://www.sanghafarm.co.kr/brand/

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