[Gwangju] Hanokeu

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2017-12-02 00:07

Are you tired of drinking coffee in a regular cafe?
Most of the cafes in Korea is like alike
But, how about in Korean traditional house?This cafe name is Hanokeu and it's Han-Oak cafe. (Korean traditional house)It is a little bit hard to find the place, so here is the address of the store.

115 Geum-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju / 광주 동구 백서로137번길 19-1You will need to get into the small road to get here.

It's near downtown Gwangju (more close to ACC)

When you step into this cafe, you will realize this is not like any other cafe in Gwangju.
You will see the old Korean style building when you step in.

This cafe has great views and it's even better in the night.
There are a big front yard and a small backyard, you can sit outside also.
It's a great place to come with your family.
It doesn't matter what time you get here, you would get great pictures. 
Here is the menu of the store.
If you get 10 stamps, you will get one free drink
Also, you can refill americano just for 1,000 won

Inside of the cafe is a little bit small and most of the decorations in the store are antique.
This cafe was so quiet and it was a great place to chill out with a cup of coffee.

Here are the hours of the store.

 Sadly, they closed on Monday

It opens at 12 p.m. and ends at 10 p.m.

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