[Gwangju] One more shot with you

Butlers Korea
2017-12-30 18:13

Have you looked for the romantic dining pub in Gwangju?
What about this place?

너랑 또 한잔 / One more shot with you

Here is the address
25, Hoeseo-ro 52beon-gil, Nam-gu, Gwangju / 광주광역시 남구 주월동 941-127

Here is the inside of this dining pub

This is the menu of the store
I recommend you guys to have creamy shrimp, which is the main dish of the store.

There are various beers also.

 I like enjoying bone plate (chicken wings, french fries, and salad) with Kozel Dark

This is the main dish, Creamy Shrimp.
You can dip a bread into cheese!!

Opening hours

Sunday to Thursday: 18:00 ~ 02:00
Friday to Saturday: 18:00 ~ 03:00

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