[Gwangju] Highway Taco

Butlers Korea
2017-12-08 01:35

You may have heard this place if you haven't don't worry.

I will show you this awesome restaurant!!
Do you want to enjoy Mexican food?Come try this restaurant! Highway Taco

84-1, Gwangsan-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju, Korea / 광주광역시 동구 광산동 84-1 지하 1층Phone call070-4799-3699
Opening hours
Sunday ~ Thursday: 03:00~12:00
Friday ~ Saturday: 03:00~ 02:00

When you pass the door you going to see stair to the basement.

I only saw this place via Instagram and Facebook post.
Interior and decorations look like I am in American or Mexico.
When you step in, you will understand what I said.

This is the menu of the store!

 It usually takes about 20 minutes to be served

This is a fajita which is a symbol of Highway Taco and comes out with tortillas, sour cream, jalapenos.
Combination of beef, pork, and chicken with onions under, it makes me hungry.
It's 28,000 won.

The beer bottle opener is right next to each table.

Also, you can choose 3 flavors of taco
Pork, chicken, and beef.

 My favorite food in Highway Taco is chicken wings.
It brings back my old memories I had in Buffalo Wild Wings in the United State.
The best part is it's only 5,000 won and it's on only Wednesday.

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