[Gwangju] Shiba Curry

Butlers Korea
2017-12-05 22:43

There are so many restaurants, which sell curry and rice.
But I suggest this small restaurant, Shiba Curry!
They open at 11 a.m. and ends at 8 p.m. and they close the store every Monday.
This restaurant symbol is Shiba-inu, which is a famous Japanese dog.
This restaurant is very small, so there are no more than 8 tables.
But don't worry, there are Shiba Cafe right next to so you can wait over there.
The employee will call you when a table is empty.Here are the menus of the restaurant

If you are afraid of what to eat, don't worry just pick Shiba Curry. you won't regret.

I had to pay first to order and it took about 15~20 minutes to serve 2 dishes with slide kimchi.
It was the time to enjoy my moment of joy.
I preferred to have Shiba curry, which is the mixture of 2 flavors; shrimp cream and bacon tomato.
Shiba curry's shrimp cream side is mild and delicate, however, bacon tomato side is a little bit spicy and also delicate.
I ordered one dish of spicy shrimp pasta and it was way beyond my expectation.
There are cream pasta and a poached egg over on the plate with shrimps.
It wasn't like any other pasta I had recently and it was really tasty. 
The interior and decorations of the store are very simple and adorable.

If you are lucky, you might able to see the mascots of this restaurant.

The location of the store is
17 Jebong-ro 110beon-gil, Jang-dong, Dong-gu, Gwangju / 광주 동구 제봉로110번길 17

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