2016 Summer Festivals in Korea

2017-05-09 17:38

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1. Hwacheon Jjokbae (Raft) Festival (물의나라 화천 쪽배축제)



The Hwacheon Jjokbae Festival is more like a carnival with exotic and original rafts in competition. The winner takes home a cash prize, and many people, especially families and friends, participate in this one-of-a-kind summer experience. The Hwacheon Jjokbae Festival is a time for visitors to come together in the spirit of tradition and decorate the waters of the Hwacheon River with creatively designed tradition watercraft. The festival also includes water sports and various other events, totaling approximately 40 different programs.


Festival Guide : The jjokbae (raft) contest has no limitations on the size or design, as long as the raft can hold up to 5 persons. Participants can enter the contest online. The rafts must function manually only, and must be self-designed and manufactured by the participants who will also personally ride the raft during the festival.

This year, festival programs include a farm-stay for families, picnics, fishing by hand, a water treasure hunt, water balloon games, water gun games, and more water-related events. Also, bicycle riding, hiking, canoeing, underwater soccer, and more events that are offered to provide maximum enjoyment to all visitors.

There is also an Indian Cultural Village, which offers a chance to experience Indian culture, and rabbit farm experiences are available for those seeking a more family-oriented activity. Also, programs include educational activities such as a trout and aquatic life aquarium, an otter life exhibition, and much more.


Festival Highlights : The highlight of Hwacheon Jjokbae Festival is of course the jjokbae raft contest. The participants really make the contest more enjoyable with their unique costumes and creative boat-designs shown off during the water parade.

To make the contest more fun, all participants prepare an item to reflect each year’s theme.




2. Yeongwol Donggang Festival (영월 동강축제)




The Dongang ferry was once a popular mode of transportation along the Hangang River. While it was gradually outdated with the growth of highways and mass transportation, the ferry was a useful mode of transportation and the livelihood of people living upstream of the Hangang River. The festival commemorates and reproduces the lives of these people and their local culture. With the beautiful Donggang River as a backdrop, the event offers a wide array of performances, cultural events (honoring the Joseon poet Kim Sat-gat), and outdoor activities (rafting, hang-gliding, paragliding, etc). The festival hosts many of the fun activities visitors to Yeongwol County can enjoy.




- Performance: Celebratory performance, concert, fireworks, etc.

- Hands-on program: Catching trout with bare hands, rafting, water playing, camping site, etc.

- Performances: Traditional log raft, hemp-steaming pit, etc.

* More information on the event is available on the official website.




3. Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival (대구치맥페스티벌)




The Daegu Chicken and Beer Festival (대구치맥페스티벌) celebrates what Koreans love to enjoy, chicken with beer, and will take place at Duryu Park in Dalseo-gu, Daegu. Called the Chimaek Festival in Korean, the term chimaek is derived from the terms chicken and maekju (meaning "beer"). Over 620,000 people attended over the course of the festival in 2014, and as many as one million are expected for the festival in 2015. This year's festival will include a music festival and industrial culture festival, making the entire festival a place overflowing with youthful energy.




[Chicken & Beer Industrial Expo]

- Export consulting with invited big buyers, chicken brand promotion hall / Daegu chicken history hall, etc.


[Chicken & Beer Premium Lounge Duryu Baseball Stadium]

- Let’s have chicken & beer time together / Multimedia show with lighting and laser / Big Show (hallyu music theme)


[Chicken & Beer Live Pub 228 Memorial Tower Parking Lot]

- Various competitions (chicken sauce, craftbeer, and cocktail) / Live talk show


[Chicken & Beer Picnic Hill Outdoor music site]

- Movie on a mat / Baseball game cheering


[Chicken & Beer Summer Water Park Duryu Swimming Pool]

- Summer Water Road / Cool Summer Night Pool Party Performance Times 14:00-22:00




4. Pohang International Fireworks Festival (포항 국제불빛축제)




The Pohang International Fireworks Festival is held at Yeongildae Beach in Pohang, which is also known as the “City of Light and Fire.” The festival features a fireworks competition, a parade of lights, street performances, and a range of hands-on activities. It is usually held around the end of July.




* Festival opening/closing ceremony

- Fireworks parade

- International fireworks competition

- Daily music fireworks show

- Lights playground (Taste of Pohang, agricultural products market)

- Song of Light, Song of the Sea light show

- Goldfish catching

- Experiential programs, street performances, etc.


* Program and schedule are subject to change.




5. Busan Sea Festival(부산 바다 축제)




The Busan Sea Festival was first held in 1996 to promote Busan as a beautiful harbor city. The festival takes place at Haeundae Beach, Gwangalli Beach, Songdo Beach, Dadaepo Beach, Songjeong Beach, and at other places in Busan. The festival offers various cultural events and unique hands-on programs. As Korea's first general ocean festival, it puts on many exciting programs including a great opening ceremony, cultural performances, and other special events. With a total of 6 beaches holding the event, each beach has different programs and performances for all ages.




[Opening ceremony]

- Pre-performance, opening event, celebratory performance

[Performance event]

- Cass Summer Concert (pre-night event / planning), joint military music concert, Romantic Summer Concert, Busan International Hip Hop Festival, Music Festival, Busan International Rock Festival, 7080 Family Love Concert

[Hands-on program]

- Summer Salsa Night, Beach Tango Night

[Marine Sports Event]

- Sea Festival for people with disabilities

[Other event]

- Busan Youth Sea Festival


* Detailed information is available on the official website




6. Mokpo Port Festival (목포항구축제)




Mokpo Port Festival will be held in Mokpohang Port and Samhakdo Island areas to offer various performance and hands-on program. This festival was chosen as one of Up-and-Coming Festivals by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for consecutive four years and tries to show features of ocean city and local characteristics for visitors to enjoy its romantic ambience.



[Main stage]

- Youth festival, multicultural family festival, rock festival, circus, dance performance, etc.

[Fringe stage]

- Talent donation performance, traditional dance, gayageum (Korean music instrument) performance, worker’s band performance, etc.


Performance Times






7. Muju Firefly Festival (무주 반딧불축제)




The Muju Firefly Festival takes place in the pure environment of Muju, a natural habitat for fireflies and the marsh snails the fireflies feed on. The festival offers many attractions and activities but the highlight of the festival starts after 8:00 pm when the fireflies begin to light up the night sky.


How to Particpate


Fireflies Exploration

Participate in the program and find more details at firefly.or.kr




8. Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival (부여서동연꽃축제)




This festival celebrates the beautiful lotus flowers and highlights the importance of preserving wild flowers. Though the festival’s program contains many events related to lotus flowers, making paper lotus flowers and making lotus flower soap are two particularly popular programs with international visitors. Various other popular tourist destinations are located nearby the festival grounds, including several Baekje (18 BC-660 AD) cultural historic sites such as the Baekje Wangneungwon (royal mausoleum), Nakhwaam, and the Baekje Historical Museum.




[Main event]

- Opening performance, celebratory performance, multimedia show to celebrating the one year anniversary of World Heritage registration, the birth of King Mu, Seodong Seonhwa Impact Show, concert, night parade, closing ceremony, etc.

[Hands-on program]

- Gungnamji Pond wood-art making, making necklace with lotus seeds, making a lotus leaf-shaped candlestick, making a ceramic doll, making a wooden ocarina, leather craft, making a cloisonné necklace, calligraphy, drawing Gungnamji pond’s lotus, writing a love wish, photo-printing service, etc.




9. Yeongdong Grape Festival (영동 포도축제)




Located in the center of Korea and the southernmost part of Chungcheongbuk-do, Yeongdong-gun County is a suitable place to grow fruits, due to the large difference in temperature day and night and the long amount of sunlight. Featuring the nation’s largest grape orchards, Yeongdong-gun makes up 12.8% of grape productions through the nation and 69.7% through Chungcheongbuk-do.


Every year, Yeongdong-gun County holds Yeongdong Grape Festival to boast its great taste of grape.


Admission/Participation Fees

Depends on the program




10. Boryeong Mud Festival (보령머드축제)




Of the numerous festivals in Korea, it is the Boryeong Mud Festival that probably attracts the largest number of international visitors. During the festival period, tourists flock to the area to experience the beneficial properties of the Boryeong mud, and also to have lots of fun. Fully immersed in the both the mud and the festival’s great atmosphere, visitors enjoy mud wrestling, mud sliding and even swimming in the mud mega tub. Visitors feeling particularly energetic can try the marine mud-training course, whilst those looking for something more chilled can relax in the mud massage zone. In the evening, music and fireworks continue the party on the beach.




[Experience Events]

- Mud Game

- Mud obstacle Marathon

- Mud baths & Massages
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