The attractions in Ulleungdo

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◈ 도동항(Dodong Harbor)

3 hours from Pohang and Mukho. It is a place that shares excitement of meeting people and sadness of departing people. On the left, there is Manghyangbong that sang a song of homesickness for the first settlers, on the right, Dodong Lighthouse(Haengnam) welcomes people with the aromatic tree which has been watching Ulleungdo for 2,000 years. 3 hours from Pohang and Mukho. It is a place that shares excitement of meeting people and sadness of departing people.

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◈ 행남해안산책로(Seaside Walk·Haengnam)

Walk along the seaside of Dodong harbor is a superb view. You can appreciate the wonderful view seen under the bridge connection a natural cave and a valley. Seaside walk leads to a village called Haengnam. The name of this village is also called Salgu(apricot)namu as there was a big apricot tree at an entry to the village. Dodong Lighthouse(Haengnam) which is located 400 meters away from the village lightens waterways.

Takes about one hour to make a round trip between Seaside Walk and Haengnam.

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◈ 울릉도 케이블카(Dokdo Observatory Cable Car)

You can appreciate the squid boat’s Eohwa, one of Ulleungdo’s 8 exquisite scenery, from the observatory and you can see Dokdo in a bright day from the outlook.

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◈ 울릉도 대풍감(Daepunggam Aromatic Tree Inhabitants <Natural Monument No.49>)

A hole was made in this tree to tie a sailing boat, which needed wind to sail. It is called Daepunggam as it is the place to wait for the wind to blow.

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◈ 태하 황토굴(Taeha Hwangto<yellow earth>gul)

In Joseon times, the yellow earth from this area was collected and sent to the government. The government sent Samcheokyeongjang(government official) to this island once three years to patrol the island. It is said that the Hwangto(yellow earth) and aromatic tree were collected as the proof of patrol.

It is called Hwangtogumi as there’s a great deal of hwangto in the cave. 10 minutes’ walk from Seongha Shrine.

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◈ 울릉도 현포전망대(Hyeonpo)

Gamunjakji, Geomunjakji, Heuksoji, Hueonjoji.

The name originated to see the water in the sea look black when it was shaded by the rock of Chotdaeam. To see the Ulleungdo area in the map of Haedongjido made in 18th century, it is read that there were 20 stone tombs and a temple site which had a pagoda in it.

According to Donggukyeojiseungram, there used to be 7 sites of colonies, stone figures and stone pagodas and it is presumed that this place was a capital city of ancient Usanguk as there are many historical remains such as Seongji, Naseonjang and Seondol.

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◈ 울릉도 나리분지(Nari Basin)

Size of land: 1.5~2.0km ² , about 1.5km from east to west, about 2km from north to south, the only flat ground in Ulleungdo. The northern part of Seonginbong Peak was a site created by caldera. In the site, there are Albong Peak (538km) and other 2 villages divided by the molten lava, Nari village being in the north east, Albong Peak village being in the south west where no people live now. People had lived since Usanguk times, however, people were evacuated from the village by the government policy to empty it in Joseon dynasty, while people migrated to this island by the rule of exploitation.

It was called Nari Valley because people who had lived there from ancient times survived hunger, eating roots of Seommal Nari. At the time of exploitation, it was the first settled colony. Tour sites nearby include Tumakjip, Neowajip, Flower beds of Ulleungdo, Seombaekrihyang Colony, Yongchulso, Shinryeongsu, and Camp site.

Takes 70 minutes by bus from Dodong. Buses are running twice a day.

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Tumakjip is built by stacking up hemlock spruce and beechtree and the crevice is filled up with soil which self controls temperature and humidity. It is cool in summer and warm in winter in this house. One shingle roofed house and 4 tumakjips in Nari Basin are protected as cultural assets.

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