Korean Street food(Part1 Bread)

2017-06-13 14:18


Hoddeok is one of the most representative street snack in winter which looks like pancake. Usually, it is filled with honey, nuts, cinnamon, brown sugar. But you can also see green tea hoddeok which includes greean tea powder or japchae hoddeok with potato noodles insides. We recommend you to have a hoddeok.




Bung-eo-bbang is fish-shpaed waffle. It is made from poured batter and stuffed with red bean paste. But today we can see various types of bung-eo-bbang filled with choux cream, potato, custard cream and so on. Korean guess people's character how to start nibbling bung-eo-bbang from head or tail. Also, it is popular snack in winter.


Gey-ran-bbang is a muffin type bread with an egg baked on top. You may even find additional toppings such as parsley and cheese. They are sweet with a bit of a salty kick as well. Though traddinally eaten as a dessert snack, gye-ran-bbang also makes a smart breakfast.​


​Hotdog is a dee-fried breaded hot dog on a stick. It is similar to an american corn dog. Today, potato dog(ugly hotdog) is more popular in korea and it's basically a corn dog dipped into a french fry type batter then deep fried. you should try it.

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