15 Korean Superstitions

Butlers Korea
2018-03-26 15:49

1. Fans can kill you
According to this superstition,  a spinning fan in an enclosed space will suck out all of the oxygen in a room and it causes you to death.

2. Don't whistle or sing at night
You will attract spirits, ghosts, and demons. Other superstition says snakes will appear.

3. Don't shake your legs
According to this superstition, you are shaking off your good lucks.

4.  The number '4' is an unlucky number
This superstition from China. the number 4 sounds very similar to death in Chinese.

5. Don't give your significant other a pair of shoes
Your significant will run away from you.

6. Don't jump over your baby
According to this superstition, the baby unable to grow tall.

7. Don't walk down Deoksugong with your significant other
Here is a sad story. They will break up or get divorce.

8. Writing someone's name in red ink will cause them to die
The names of the dead used to be written in red ink.

9. Eat lots of sticky foods before an exam
Korean people eat sticky food, like toffee and yut. Those food said to help knowledge stick in your head better.
Otherwise, they don't eat slippy food before test.

10. Dream of pigs
In Korea, pigs are a symbol of wealth and luck.

11. Dreaming of someone dying means future luck for that person

12. Don't have a mirror in front of door
Korean avoid leaving a mirror directly in front of a door. The mirror will deflect good luck from entering.

13. Don't wash your hair on New Year's Day
New Year's Day gives afresh start to a brand new year, so don't start if off by washing away your luck.

14. Seeing a funeral car in the morning will give you bad luck for the day

15. Don't throw out your fingernail clippings on the street
IF you throw your fingernails into the street, mice will eat them and turn into your form and steal your soul.
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