Paying Fines-Traffic Tickets

Butlers Korea
2018-05-14 14:24
There are a number of way to pay fines*, including traffic tickets, in Korea.
*Most tickets (speeding, jaywalking, littering, etc) can be paid at a bank.

Drivers can check their traffic/parking tickets through online efine ( before they receive them through mail. However, you need a 공인인증서 (public key/digital certificate) to access your history.

Once you receive a ticket, you can pay at the bank, post office, or online banking (you can see the special bank account number on the ticket or with credit card to (~1-2% user fee). NOTE: You will need access to Windows (Internet Explorer for cardrotax as you'll have to download ActiveX) to use the above websites. No access via Mac (as of Spring 2016).

To find out at which bank you should make your payment, look on the left side of the ticket; you'll see the date and then the fine amount below it (twice) and below that is the bank name and account number.

The bank account indicated on the ticket may be a 'virtual individualized account' number delegated to a particular bank for processing fines, which can then be paid either at an ATM in Korea or via an Internet account. The sender punches in the recipient bank and account number (as shown on the ticket) and then the interbank clearing system matches it to the name of the recipient/account holder for the sender's confirmation on screen. Since the account number is 'individualized', it'll appear on the interbank system in the form of '(Prosecutors' Office) + your name in Korean (it's likely that it will be your given name as it is the first to appear - for Koreans it would be their family name as the order of names is family name first).

If you are outside Korea and do not have an Korean Internet bank account, you may experience some difficulty sending your payment. If you have, or can get, the recipient bank's SWIFT code. In that case, someone else, either at an ATM in Korea or via an Internet account, can make the payment for you. It will be credited to you as your name is linked to the account on the ticket.

It's also possible to try and fight the ticket by going to the police station for the full video (an image of the car will appear on the ticket) and more detailed information. As would likely occur in your home country, the likelihood of getting out of the fine is slim.

For more information on your ticket or paying penalties, you can also contact the court - Supreme Court of Korea. The court also has an English website that has some general information but that is not as detailed as the main site.

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