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Butlers Korea
2019-03-19 13:16
(Please send your resume and cover letter addressed to BRIAN HAN to

LOCATION: Suncheon, Jeollanamdo
Suncheon Life Long Learning Center, located at the Suncheon Culture & Health Center near Suncheon University

START DATE: MAY 2019 (exact start date is flexible)

REASON: One of our current employees is heading back to their home country for other career opportunities

OVERVIEW: The LLC & its English program are funded by Suncheon City Hall. We teach adult classes (all ages, over 18) and elementary classes (grades 1-4) that are free to the residents of Suncheon. These English classes are just some of several culture/art/activities offered by the LLC, so the English department is a smaller part of a very large city program. We have 4 foreign teachers from the US, UK, and Canada, and our head teacher is from the US and fully bilingual. The rest of our office is all Korean staff, but is very laid-back and friendly—no strict office hierarchy. We have a computer in the office dedicated to the 4 native teachers, and since we all have different schedules, it’s always free if you want to come in and prep. The office is fully outfitted with printers, photocopiers, laminators, cutters, etc. for you to use, and we have a company account at a local stationary/art/supply store and book shop for any classroom supplies you could possibly need.

We’re looking for someone who preferably has several years of experience teaching in Korea, and/or has experience teaching adults/older students. All races/ethnicities/nationalities that are E2 eligible are welcome. The classes are taught at different locations all throughout Suncheon. A car is not required (two of our current teachers use public transport without issue) but having a Korean license/car or being open to getting one can really help you take full advantage of all the free time this position offers. Some basic Korean language ability is also helpful, but again, not at all required.

SALARY: Same pay scale as EPIK/JLP, based on experience, plus
+ 50,000/mo for travel
+100,000/mo for food
+ 300,000 one-time settlement fee (for moving)
+ 50/50 health insurance & pension included

VISA: E2 provided, F-visas welcome but must be E2 eligible (from USA, UK, IRE, CAN, AUS, NZ, or SA w/ 4-year degree or equivalent)

HOURS: Contract limits hours to 25, but rarely (if ever) goes over 20. The teacher you’ll be replacing teaches 19 classes a week. NO DESK WARMING, and no classes start before 10AM. When you aren’t teaching a class, you’re welcome to spend your free time however and wherever you want.

HOUSING: Monthly housing stipend of 400,000 will be provided. You will be taking over the apartment contract of the teacher who is leaving, which requires NO deposit and is 400,000/mo. The contract ends in August, which you’d then be able to either renew and stay or move elsewhere in Suncheon if you’d like. It’s a clean, relatively new studio apartment, and photos of the exact apartment you’ll be living in can be provided. The apartment is furnished with a fridge, stove, washing machine, small flat screen TV, coffee table, and vanity from the landlord, and the teacher leaving will be giving you their bed, two-person table w/chairs, wardrobe, rug, vacuum, and all basic dishes/kitchen stuff. You’re welcome to use all of these items, or can opt to bring your own.

VACATION: 2 weeks in summer, and 2 weeks in winter. Days must be consecutive, but can be taken anytime in Jun/Jul/Aug for summer or anytime in Dec/Jan/Feb for winter—no summer camps or special schedules to plan around.

CURRICULUM: Adult classes are pre-set and use various textbook series, like “Side by Side” and “Can You Believe It?” For the elementary classes, you can choose your own curriculum. We have an awesome English bookshop in town (키다리영어샵) where you can browse hundreds of textbooks and choose one for the parents to order, or you can make your own materials. Entirely up to you. Prep is as minimal (or intensive) as you want to make it!

**I also currently work here and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Otherwise, please send your resume and cover letter addressed to BRIAN HAN to**
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