[2018 May 19] Jindo Sea-Parting Festival

Butlers Korea
2018-03-19 10:28

The annual sea-parting miracle is happening again this MAY and Butlerskorea is planning a day-trip to witness it.

Once a year, the sea located in Jindo Jeolla-namdo mysteriously parts for almost an hour and visitors can actually walk through it going to the other island closeby. They said the annual phenomenon is due to the difference of the high and low tides thus creating an almost 3 kilometers road. Not only will you witness this miracle, but there are also other fun activities in the whole vicinity for locals and foreigners! Butlerskorea ran the same trip last year and it was a success! Come and join us again this year! Below are the list of activities in the island.

Programs[Main Programs]
- Miracle sea road walking experience
- The sea road beacon light parade
- Grandmother Ppong, Legendary Story of Grandmother Ppong reenactment

[Hands-on Experience Programs]
- Travel Jindo Experience (Learning Jindo Arirang, Gukak, and Poetry Paintings) at Gagye hands-on experience booths
- Jindogae Dog Experience (Searching for Jindogae Dog, various acrobatic performances) – at Gagye hands-on experience booths
- Jindo Hongju Experience (Jindo traditional alcohol tasting) - at Gagye hands-on experience booths

[Performance Events]
- Jindo Intangible Cultural Assets performance
- International Festivals showcase
- Celebration Night performance

[Other Events]
- Haesangseonbak (Seaboat) parade
- Haesangpungmul (Korean folk music tradition) boating
- Go! Scoop Golden Abalone! - abalone catching experience

The day-trip will cost 55 bucks which includes:
2-way bus (saves you from cab-ing from the terminal to the site)
kebabs (chicken or falafel courtesy of KEBABS PLUS)
tickets to the festival

Our tentative departure is around 10am on April 29th Saturday and will head back to Gwangju around 9pm. It will still be for discussion since there's no post yet from the Jindo local government about the TIDES. We only have 40 slots for this trip so better reserve your seats now! Should you have any questions, please feel free to message us or our event manager Kristine Estrera. Thank you and cheers!

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