[Jindo] Miracle Sea Road Festival

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[Jindo] Miracle Sea Road Festival

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The 40th Jindo  Miracle Sea Road Festival

2018.5.16. ~ 5.19.
Entire area of Hoedong-ri, Gogun-myeon, Jindo-gun, Jeollanam-do

The Jindo Miraculous sea is a 2.8km-long mysterious route measuring 40 meters in width that makes its way into the sea. About 500,00 tourists, from in and out of Korea, visit here ever year to see the miraculous revealing of the sea bed happening for about an hour. During the festival period, visitors can experience various entertainment, such as walking along the mysterious sea route, Jindo Island traditional folk songs, folk performances, etc.

Programs[Main Programs]
- Miracle sea road walking experience
- The sea road beacon light parade
- Grandmother Ppong, Legendary Story of Grandmother Ppong reenactment

[Hands-on Experience Programs]
- Travel Jindo Experience (Learning Jindo Arirang, Gugak, and Poetry Paintings) at Gagye hands-on experience booths
- Jindogae Dog Experience (Searching for Jindogae Dog, various acrobatic performances) at Gagye hands-on experience booths
- Jindo Hongju Experience (Jindo traditional alcohol tasting) at Gagye hands-on experience booths

[Performance Events]
- Jindo Intangible Cultural Assets performance
- International Festivals showcase
- Celebration Night performance

[Other Events]
- Haesangseonbak (Seaboat) parade
- Haesangpungmul (Korean folk music tradition) boating
- Go! Scoop Golden Abalone! - abalone catching experience


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